Rathat Hajar

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Aoud Muruki

SR 318.00

Product Type: Luxurious Aoud Maroki EnhancerSize: large and medium piecesFeatures of Oud Maroki Mohsen Luxurious (the best types of Maroki Oud):The mrouki oud is characterized by being mixed with a mixture of natural oud to reveal the aroma of the mrouki oud, closer to the smell of natural oud, known for its good smell.It is distinguished by its wo..


Hajar Spray

SR 398.00

Hajar Spray is an oriental velvety fragrance composed of a mixture of white musk, mimosa, tonka bean, patchouli and vetiver, the warm, sweet and timeless scent, an exceptional fragrance for all times..


Weather Spray

SR 258.00

A luxurious and exciting oriental velvety scent of oud and the distinctive blend of Hajar spray mixed with the warmth of musk and tonka bean in an elegant design.  The luxurious home freshener that guarantees you to provide your favorite scent continuously without running out. The scent is strong and concentrated and fills the place quickly an..

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