Aoud Muruki

Aoud Muruki

Product Description

Product Type: Luxurious Aoud Maroki Enhancer

Size: large and medium pieces

Features of Oud Maroki Mohsen Luxurious (the best types of Maroki Oud):

The mrouki oud is characterized by being mixed with a mixture of natural oud to reveal the aroma of the mrouki oud, closer to the smell of natural oud, known for its good smell.

It is distinguished by its wonderful aroma that spreads throughout the place quickly and covers all parts with its fragrant smell as soon as the oud is lit.

Very suitable for daily use and occasions.

It is also suitable for use in open spaces due to its large size and remains burning for a long time

Even the shape of the oud is closer to the natural shape

It will be a wonderful gift that you can give to a friend and close relative on occasions and visits

Available now at the best price.